The Kawainui Affordable Housing Campaign

March 20th, 2020 to September 23rd, 2020


This proposed development consists of 73 rental housing units located at the corner of Kawainui St. and Oneawa St. in downtown Kailua.  Ninety-five percent of the units are for local families earning $36,000-$72,000 per year, with monthly rents of $521-$1400 per month. 

Kailua has an especially great need for affordable housing, and many long-time residents are forced to move out of the area due to the rise in housing costs.  Kailua has one of the highest housing cost-to-income ratios on the island: Housing costs consume 45% of household income in Kailua, compared to 29% for urban Honolulu. 

The Kawainui Affordable Rentals will provide truly affordable housing for over 70 local families.  We believe it is time to work together to provide housing for all of those who make up the fabric of our community. 

A Message to the Community



City Councilmembers Ron Menor, Brandon Elefante and Joey Manahan passed the 460 Kawainui Affordable Housing Project out of the Zoning Committee on Friday, Sept 18. We thank them for their support.

At the same meeting, the following Councilmembers indicated they would not support the Kawainui project scheduled to be heard tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 23 at 10 am: Ikaika Anderson, Tommy Waters, Ann Kobayashi and Heidi Tsuneyoshi. Kymberly Marcos Pine has openly not supported this project for several months. Carol Fukunaga has also stated that she does not support this project because of the opposition.

We do not have the City Council majority votes needed to green light this important project. There is no need to submit oral or written testimony at the full council meeting on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

On behalf of Faith Action for Community Equity, we wish to thank the over 500 people who sent in written testimony and the large group that provided oral testimony for both meetings of the Zoning Committee.

As you all know, we only have one affordable housing project in Kailua and that senior housing project was built 30 years ago and there is currently a ten-year wait.

Everyone who contacted the City Council, both for and against, agreed that affordable housing is a real need in Kailua.

We have every hope that we can now come together to find a site that will work for our community as a whole. We will be in touch with next steps shortly.

Mahalo for all you have done, and Mahalo for all that you may do!